Guidelines for Hunters Who Use 308 Muzzle Brakes

Would you say that hunters can benefit from using 308 muzzle brakes, and if so are there certain guidelines they should follow that will not cause a disturbance or show in consideration to other hunters in the area? After all, certain individuals do not have a good opinion about the use of muzzle brakes. Others are quite willing to put up with the overbearing sounds coming from these recoil reduction devices that enables them to shoot more accurately.  Somehow, most rifle and handgun owners prefer using as muzzle brake when at a shooting range.

Using  a 308 Muzzle Brake at a Shooting Range

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It is evident to countless of hunters that having a muzzle brake fitted when they are at a nearby shooting range with other shooters within close range may result in receiving complaints about overbearing noise levels. Also, you need to consider that various flying objects like shrapnel, unburned propellant, and sand would be all over the place.

Some muzzle brake brands are deafening as opposed to a traditional firearm that does not come equipped with one of these. Standard ear protection is required in cases like these.

It is, however, a whole different ball game when you have high-quality brakes like the Triple-port Muzzle Brake by MadHouse Design fitted.

What are Some of the Guidelines and Regulations Hunters Need to Abide By?

It is considered proper etiquette and general courtesy to ensure any hunting partners, guides, or other bystanders are not exposed to possible side effects from the brake you’ve fitted to your rifle. To have a good quality brake attached to your shooting instrument is the best way to ensure you show care and consideration to others out in the field. Do not take an unplanned shot in the presence of a fellow hunter either as it may prove damaging to their hearing.

Benefits Experienced from Using Muzzle Brakes

  • Without bringing any science into the equation, a muzzle brake that’s been fitted correctly has the ability to redirect propellant gasses from a fired round outwards and upwards to reduce muzzle rise or even stop it altogether during rapid, semi-automatic, or fully automatic fire.
  • Most brakes will reduce recoil by as much as 50 percent. Numerous rifles would have been impossible to shoot if it were not for muzzle brakes.
  • The ability to see how your bullet splash is made possible by equipping your rifle with a muzzle brake as it lessens recoil.
  • Making use of muzzle brakes results in far better accuracy. Particularly, if you have light barrels.

Besides considering other hunters, it would be wise to abide by the rules and regulations set out by the Wildlife Foundation in the region where you will be participating in hunting activities.

For instance, the legally allowed shooting hours for resident game would be one and a half hour before sunrise to one and a half hour after sunset. For migratory birds, it would be one and a half hour before sunrise to sunset.

What Would Be Considered as Legal Game?

Some wildlife can be hunted at night such as bobcats, beavers, foxes, opossums, and raccoons as long as it is not during spring turkey season. Specific limits would apply to hunting deer.

What is Legally Allowed with Regards to Weapons and Loads?

Legally, the only weapons you can hunt with would be rifles and handguns that are not larger than a .22 for rifles and shotguns with shot not larger than a no 6. When you out to hunt migratory birds, your shotgun has to be plugged, so it holds not more than 3 shells during one load. The hunting of turkeys is restricted to shotguns only or long bows and a Crossbow. Some who is quadriplegic may make use of a rifle when they hunt turkey. Regarding the use of muzzle brakes, some places may make allowances while others won’t.

MadHouse Design kindly offered some advice when it comes to using muzzle brakes safely is to let a gunsmith cut ports or holes in the barrel of your gun so it can be diverted upwards or sideways. This way it would counteract muzzle jump.

However, fitting a ported muzzle brake is still considered to be your best option. The best and safest way is to have a 308 Triple-port Muzzle Brake fitted, which is made available by MadHouse Design at .